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About Me.

I would like to briefly talk about myself.  I am a senior GIS developer.  Previously, I worked in Turkey's leading companies in the field of GIS.  First, I started working on address and parceling project for Konya Metropolitan Municipality City, and then I continued to develop Web-Based ERP and GIS software as a network analyst for Ankara Başkent Doğalgaz company.  


During this period, I offered the software pieces(unrelated to my job) I developed  to the users. So I attracted the attention of GIS companies in the USA and they wanted to work with me.  Thus, I left my job and started to work for companies abroad as a freelance developer.  In January 2021, I founded the GISLayer company( with my own GIS software.  


Now, I produce faster solutions for people who want to work with me.  It is an honor for me to take part in big projects.  My general skills are on Front-End, Back-End, Spatial Databases and Flutter in Mobile side.  If you want more detailed information, you can check out and contact to me by my website;


Front-End Development Skills

HTML5, CSS3, Javscript, PHP, Metro UI, Meteor UI, Bootstrap, Semantic UI, Material Design, socket io 

Back-End Development Skills

C++, C#, Python, NodeJS, PHP,  Java

Database Skills

Oracle, Oracle Spatial, PostgreSQL, PostGIS, MySQL, SQLite, GeoPackage, Spatialite, MongoDB, Elasctic Search

Mapping Skills

Openlayers, LeafletJS, Mapbox GL JS, Google Maps API, OSM services, Cesium JS, TurfJS, WKT, GeoJSON, SHP, ArcGIS, QGIS, Mapinfo, NetCAD, AutoCAD

Other Skills

Linux, GIT, Fireworks, Jira, Visual Studio, Office, Firebase, ChartJS


Playing an instrument, pencil drawing, clay sculpting, paragliding, parasailing, cycling, driving, trekking, swimming, scuba diving

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