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1- Adding Custom XYZ Tile - ArcGIS For Javascript

This article is exemplary work for beginners. You can surf all other posts in the "ArcGIS For Javascript" category.

Sample Demo of This Study

There are many input elements in the panel on the Top right. Generaly we are using XYZ tile like https://mts{s}{x}&y={y}&z={z} but Esri XYZ Tile Urls need different placemark name.

You need to replace {col} instead {x}, {row} instead {y}, {level} instead {z} and {subDomain} instead {s}. Sub domains must be array. Some domains a,b,c,d, another array is 1,2,3,4 and you must define these. This panel will assist you in "replace" operation. So end of the replacing you need to have this url : https://mts{subDomain}{col}&y={row}&z={level}

Many familiar map servers publishing their map tiles as 256x256 pixel images. Tiles can be png, gif, jpg or other image data types. There is an XYZ Tile Url List that you can use in this link that I will share with you.

You can read more detail use by link. WebTileLayer method will use for this sample. This method needs many properties when using. We will done this work with the simplest requirements. To facilitate this method, I defined a method in this GISLayer.js File.

You must add module list that you will use this module in the after html code load . I assigned these modules to GL object to use as global variable. Otherwise i need to write all code inside of this function callback.

Project Folder For 3D View

Project Folder For 2D View

If you want to follow our github repo please use this link

All Samples are in this website

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