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Collecting Foursquare and Swarm Data and Developing GIS Analysis

Demo : If you want to test this software, please click the link.

Good day dear users.First of all, I would like to introduce you to this software that I produced myself. As it is known, now, social platforms users and stores, restaurants, hotels, public buildings, inner city events, etc., are registered in the system in a coordinated manner, and when people approach these places, the phone calls "Are you at this place?" It allows them to check in with such place notifications.

Along with the popularity of places, the number of comments and pictures is also increasing.By reaching nearly 300 thousand records just for the center of Konya, I realized what a terrible information they actually had.So much so that we support them while making notifications. Anyway, I would like to go through this part without producing conspiracy theories. If I want to explain the features of the software in items;

  • With the map window, you can drag it to any location in the world and make your discovery there.

  • With Foursquare's own main categories, you can choose what you want to search and prevent unnecessary titles.

  • You can search within a certain radius within the area you are searching.

  • A maximum of 50 records are returned at the end of the search.

  • In places where the point frequency increases, you can narrow the search radius and reach all the data.

  • While the search radius is green in the places where data is received, if there is no data, it appears as orange.

  • The same recording is not loaded more than once. Each resulting result comes uniquely with its id.

  • It can export the results as excel.

  • With points that can be exported and GIS software such as mapinfo, you can convert this data to a point and make spatial queries.

Now let's say that you have obtained this data and you are wondering about some places in the results.

  • You can bring the results with the Find button by pasting it into the search box with the ID taken from the map window.

  • Although more than 200 records do not come instantly, you can continue the records with a single button.

  • Output results can be printed in excel.You can use it in your analysis.

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