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Map Section Layouts - Index System

Demo: Please click the link to view Github:

Many cartographers and city planners call it the sheet index when they work in their offices. I prepared this library for Turkey in particular the fact that I tried to be perfect in a way that works for the rest of the world.

Frankly, I argue that this beautiful division should also be in other countries.I came across the index systems of different countries.I also have a library for the GARS system.Although I found a ready-made library for MGRS, there were times when I needed to develop my own custom code.

I also used this library in the sheet finder panel in GISLayer, but I will show you the project in the section I first started developing.Maybe you want to enter their code and check it out. On a beautiful sunny day, I will make it a software package for github and present it to you.

So why do we need an index?The index word is already used for some kind of addressing method. It explains mathematically what is where and what it means, and again mathematically it allows you to produce great results when poured into the algorithm.

Then there is no need for sheet indexes stored in stacks in the database!

If I have a chance to discuss and share the index code I prepared for GARS with the company where I prepared the software, I will definitely share it.

In this coding, the only thing I did before writing the algorithm was to understand the picture you see below and it became meaningful with the mathematical cartography lesson taught to us by Professor Doctor İ. Öztuğ Bildirici. So these are the two sources I use.

As you can see, the 250 thousand map is divided into 3 in the longitude direction and 2 in the latitude direction.The geometry you get from there is divided into two in both directions when it is necessary to advance to a lower hierarchy.Knowing the division rates and being able to predict the name to be given is more than enough to prepare this code.I exaggerated a bit by adding new scales that are not even.

Coding such algorithms gives incredible peace of mind.When I succeeded in this in 2016, I was happy as if I moved to the next level.You will be very happy when the experiment succeeds.

If you want to download these sheets, it is possible to make this request in GISLayer.

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