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Visualization and Analysis of Meteorological Climate Data on the Map

Before preparing this software, it was about taking the climate data in XML format shared by research assistant Ozan Mert Göktürk with a program I prepared with C# and storing the necessary sections in a mdb file with the parse method.

As I learned new libraries in the web field, I wanted to visualize this xml file on the internet instantly. I was also reviewing the heatmap and marker cluster features.

By adding dynamism to these data over time, I added various heatmap color scales and province and district filtering features.

Sometimes the system does not work because the XML file is not produced. I hope it works as you check out this site.What I do not like most is staying connected to resources that do not have business continuity.

I hope the screen you should see when you open it will be as follows.

Turkey Map visualization of the Meteorological Data

In the picture you see above, you can see the regions where moisture data is concentrated by heatmap and the clustered state of the stations with marker cluster. This software has been developed using the Leaflet map library.

Within the data we have obtained in this context

  1. Temperature

  2. Pressure

  3. Humidity

  4. Relative Humidity

  5. Wind Strength and Direction

  6. Amounts of Rain

  7. Station Location

information is transferred in XML. You can use the following features with the technical features of this software.

  • Turkish and English Conversion Available

  • There are 4 vector layers (Temperature, Relative Humidity, Wind, Rain)

  • Marker Cluster Structure Used to avoid showing too many points together

  • Colors it by creating weight according to the values of the points with the heatmap IDW method

  • You can open free maps on the map

  • You can download the data on the map as Excel

  • You can download the visible map

  • You can download the visible analysis

  • You can control analysis in certain regions with city and district filters.

If you want to see it live Click this link

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