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Web Based GIS Module Development

We have been developing for about two years and we are trying to meet the special demands of our customers with the GISLayer software we offer to users in 2021.

Since we are a multi-language platform, we develop software for our customers not only in Turkey but also in countries belonging to other languages that we serve.These languages are listed below;

  1. English

  2. Turkish

  3. German

  4. Spanish

  5. Russian

  6. Chinese

  7. Arabic

Since English is used by many countries, we have established a platform that can produce business in all countries of the world.Apart from this, the listed languages are among the languages that are widely used in the world.Thus, we can develop special products for each company.

The good thing at this point. With the module we wrote for a company, other users in the same company can benefit from it, and no one other than these people can access these modules. In other words, you can use your own software by using GISLayer products.

When this is the case, we achieve great results. All you have to do is log in to the system. Developing modules is easy and convenient. It becomes a great problem solver because it works as a system integration.

We Want to Develop Modules for You

I know those who read this article have great ideas in mind. In fact, there are many problems they want to solve with a GIS-based software. At this point, we want to offer you the fastest solution.

With this module, you can also benefit from other applications of GISLayer.All applications are developing in conjunction with each other, anyway.Almost all of them converge in one cloud.

If you would like to work with me on this subject, it will be enough to share your thoughts with me. You can write or consult whatever you want from the contact menu.

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