GISLayer Saas Project

It would take hours if I tried to explain this project. My biggest project for the moment is my work.I developed a cloud-based and real-time system.This product is my masterpiece.

Map Server

You can connect your vector data and databases and also create styles and present them as tile. Vector and raster map server

City Guide

Can use the map in 3D and 2D together with the city guide I have developed. Spatial Address Recording System has many features such as address inquiry, parcel inquiry, showing important points, displaying zoning maps and publishing map analysis.


BlueGIS Mobile APP

It is a Mobile Based GIS software that I code from time to time but generally manages.It works with GISLayer and has been prepared in a hybrid method.


Dynamic Earthquake Map

This history since 1900 with the 3.0 software violence that have occurred in Turkey are listed according to the size and location of major earthquakes.You can look by years.

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Railways Freight-Income Analysis

Doctor Alper Cebeci this software we have developed for the last load amount of the railways situated in Turkey, such as operations of income and achieve the shortest path analysis, we have developed dynamically.

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Raster Tile Download Software

I have prepared a software that helps you to download Google, OSM and many other raster XYZ tile services for offline use according to the range of selected zooms and defined area.

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Turkey Meteorological Analysis

It is a map that collects temperature, pressure, humidity, and precipitation information, visualizes and presents data from 19 Mayıs University's climate XML data. Analyzes on instant data.


Dynamic Thematic Analysis

I developed it for Doctor Gül Şimşek. These are dynamic thematic analyzes according to the number and points of check-in made by Foursquare users in Ankara.There is also a heatmap analysis.


POI Data Collection

Along with this tool, Foursquare and Google Places collects POI data. It offers you the attribute information of important points geometrically.Collected data are downloaded as different file outputs.


Kaş Tourist Guide

In this software prepared for Eşref Mete, important centers, directions and important information about these centers are given to tourists in Kaş district.


Scale Change Analysis

It is a software prepared for the scientific article of Professor Doctor İ.Öztuğ Bildirici.It calculates the scale changes in ppm, color them thematically and the values can be downloaded.


Dynamic Country Layout Index

With the algorithm I have developed, it is a sheet indexing system that works only all over the world. Data can be downloaded geometrically.You can find the layout indexes by clicking the map.

Differences Raster Lens

This lens is produced to see the differences in two different raster data faster.

Uploading Spatial Files

I can read SHP, GeojSON, KML, KMZ, WKT, GPX, NCN, DXF, Excel, Pictures and GeoTIFF files.

Dijkstra's Algorith Shortest Path

I can present the shortest path analysis dynamically and as a report within the defined paths.

Twitter Data Collector

The tool I developed to extract spatial and verbal data from Twitter.

Spatial Functions and Calculations With TurfJS

I developed software that generates special geometries in a specific area.

Real-Time Train Animation

We visualized the instant movements of Izmir Izban trains on the map.

WFS, WMS, WCS, WMT-S Services Usage

I can add WFS, WMS, WCS and WMS-T feeds to the maps.I can even publish it with my own software.

Spatial Relation and Queries With TurfJS

Using the Turf Library, I can make spatial queries on the user's computer.

Overpass API Data Collector

I can collect OSM data on the map according to filtering.