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Hi, I’m Ali Kilic.


I specialize in developing GIS software. While developing GIS technologies, I serve my customers on Front-End, Back-End and databases.


Web GIS Development

I use technologies such as Openlayers, Leaflet, Mapbox GL JS and CesiumJS in mapping processes using open source libraries. All the works I have delivered are user-friendly and mobile compatible. Among the web frameworks, VueJS and ReactJS are the technologies I use most. Everyone introduces me as a Web GIS expert.

Back-End GIS Development

I usually use NodeJS and Python when developing APIs. However, there have been projects where I used C # Web services, PHP and Java from time to time. I completed all the work properly and handed it over to my customers. Nothing scares me, as my ability to develop algorithms is pretty good.

Using Spatial Databases

Even though my preferred database is PostgreSQL PostGIS, I had to be tight with Oracle Spatial in the companies I work with.I work with some foreign companies using MongoDB and ElasticSearch. On mobile, GeoPackage is very useful for me.

Back-End GIS Development

I have developed android applications with Java language using android studio before.The Flutter library, which has become very popular today, gives very good results.So I can develop great mobile apps for both Android and IOS operating systems.And Native!

Map Production and Publishing

Of course, since I am a Topographical Engineer, I also have a say in geodetic, cartographic and photogrammetric processes.I can produce different maps according to your request and deliver them to you so that you can publish or print them.This includes raster and vector underlays.I can produce maps with different scanning like PlanGML. I can use map servers like Geoserver and develop my own map server.

Data collecting

I can collect data as vectorial or raster from many websites that offer map services. Apart from that, I can gather the data of geometric objects from the physical earth by setting up a field team.I can set up teams to digitize your raster maps into vector data.I can develop automated programs that collect data on their own.

Analytics Development

It can produce graphical analysis for business intelligence purposes. I can develop dynamic analyzes that you can use this graphic production process dynamically. When combined with spatial analysis, great results are obtained and can invite many strategic analysis. I am mostly doing studies that reveal my ability to develop dynamic analysis on this subject.

Would you like to work with me in line with my skills?

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